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Homemade Face Masks for Fresh Younger Looking Skin in urdu

The same fresh, natural ingredients you use in your recipes can do wonders for your skin. Whole fruits and vegetables—especially those with anti-aging vitamin C—can fight free radicals, prevent wrinkles, and give you firmer, younger-looking skin. So go ahead, eat your fruits and veggies! But apply them to your skin, too, with homemade face masks made from ingredients… Read More »

Top best Home Remedies for Hair Loss best Tip in Urdu

There is nothing more attractive than a thick head of hair that glimmers with natural health. But hair loss is a problem that many people suffer from. There can be several factors behind hair loss such as environmental effects, aging, too much stress, excessive smoking, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, scalp infections, use of wrong or chemically… Read More »

How does Cumin seeds and banana help in weight loss in Urdu

Both jeera and banana have carmative properties that help improve digestion, beat indigestion, help get rid of waste or ama from the walls of your intestines and speeds up metabolism. According to Ayurveda, jeera also helps burn fat off the stomach and banana calms and soothes the inner walls of your digestive tract also healing stomach ulcers. All… Read More »

How to Get Rid of Itchy Skin Amazing Tip in Urdu

Do you feel like scratching your skin all the time? Itchy skin is a common problem that affects many people. Depending on the severity, it can be mildly annoying to intensely aggravating, disrupting daily activities and sleep. Itching can have varied causes like allergic reactions, insect bites, skin infections, dry weather, soaps and detergents, and even some medications.… Read More »