Do You Wet Your Toothbrush Before Or After Putting Toothpaste On? In Urdu

By | March 14, 2018

Are you a water-then-toothpaste person or a toothpaste-then-water person? Or are you, god forbid, a no-water-completely-dry-toothpaste-only person? There is currently a Twitter debate on when to wet your toothbrush when you brush your teeth. Yes, we are debating about toothpaste now. This is the argument we are all having, and sorry but you have to pick your side.Twitter user @envyteeee ignited the fire with a tweet earlier this week asking the internet about their teeth brushing habits. If you’re wondering whether people even have a strong opinion on something as innocuous as brushing your teeth, the answer is…well, at least a few hundred people did. The initial tweet currently has over 220 comments about preferred toothbrush rituals. This isn’t even the first time the internet has had this debate. A similar question was posed on Reddit six years ago. The consensus there was to wet it before and after applying toothpaste.Also, this is the internet: everyone has a strong opinion on everything. Even about something as seemingly mundane as how you brush your teeth. People would argue about, like, the order you remove eggs from a carton if someone brought it up. (Oh, that’s already a Twitter debate we’ve had? Cool, cool.The conversation caught on after another Twitter user responded with their prefered water/toothpaste order. According to them the order goes as such: wet the toothbrush, put on toothpaste, put water on it again, and then you can brush. “That’s law,” they said. It is decidedly so as that tweet has been liked over 300,000 times. With hundreds of responses like, “Yes, finally somebody is telling my truth.”

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