Easily Lighten Your Dark Dry Feet Naturally With This Amazing Remedy In Urdu

By | March 31, 2018

Dark hands and feet will make you look unattractive even though if you have a beautiful face and a nice hair style. Most of the people concentrate on the face and protect it from the exposure to sunlight or dust.But do you know that our hands and feet are more exposed and get darker eventually? Due to this constant exposure to sun’s harmful UV rays, the skin produces more melanin to protect itself from this effect.We all know that production of more melanin will result in the darker skin. So, we suffer from dark hands and feet than the skin on other body parts. Also, along with sun exposure, our skin gets exposed to pollution, dirt and other harsh or harmful chemicals.It is essential to take a complete body care to prevent the skin damage, darkness or uneven skin tone. These dark hands and feet don’t look good and make us feel embarrassed at times.

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