Easy home remedies to make your rough hair silky and smooth In Urdu

By | March 20, 2018

You have wandered the shelves for two hours, looking for the perfect set of shampoo and conditioner. You are now willing to buy the most expensive hair products for your coarse or rough hair. You are determined to make your hair silky and smooth. Wait! Who said you have to buy an expensive shampoo, conditioner, hair set, straightening iron or go to the salon every week to get perfect hair? That’s not the case! Hair products are all made of a specific formula, manufactured by the company (like Pantene, Garnier Fructis, Head and Shoulders or the new Tresemme). Well, each and every one of these companies has made up their own formula for hair, so why not make up your own? By reading this article, you will the necessary information and steps that will enable you to make your own “silky hair remedy.”Define your remedy. Remember that a remedy is not a shampoo, shiner or conditioner. A remedy is a self-made product (liquid, cream or gas) for a specific purpose. Your purpose would be to make shiny hair. In order to do that, you need ingredients for your remedy. Since this is your own invention, you will choose what ingredients you want or do not want in your formula.

Start by gathering materials. The materials you need, will be listed at the bottom of the page, or you can read on here. First, you will need a glass bowl (not used for cooking after!) a new wooden spoon, some plastic wrap and a notebook with a pencil. The notebook will be used for recording any notes while you figure out your formula.Learn about what your hair wants or does not want in order to be shiny. We will not get into details like the ingredients listed behind your shampoo bottle, because those are scientific ingredients that are usually hard to get. First, you must know that you should include natural and organic materials in your formula (like fruit juices). Let’s start with some ingredients below:Olive oil. Olive oil (regular, as extra virgin smells) is great for your hair, because it nourishes your hair, smooths the ends and does not take away the hair`s natural oils. It replenishes the hair especially after a rough winter. If you use olive oil in your remedy, do not include a lot, mix it with warm water and always remember to wash it off later. Not only is olive oil good for the hair, but it is also really great for the skin too. (Some spa`s actually use olive oil to hydrate skin too.!

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