Homemade Energy Drinks Will Give You Instant Energy in Ramadan in Urdu

By | June 10, 2018

Are you searching to make some luring homemade drinks to beat the heat during hot summer? Looking for instant energy drinks to be prepared quickly and easily? Guess what, your search is over as Sooperchef.pk provides you complete information about 5 refreshing energy drinks that will keep you hydrated and energized. Read below to know more.  This drink satisfies your thirst in scorching heat that has already arrived in the start of Summer season.

Sharbat-e-Badaam also known as Almond Drink is energizing as well as nutritious during the hot summer season. The drink is made by grinding saffron, green cardamoms, almonds and adding sugar according to your requirement in the water. This drink has the tendency to cool your body within five to ten seconds of intake.

No doubt, watermelon is a perfect source to stay hydrated in sizzling hot summers. As the temperature starts rising to heat up the climate during summer in the month of May, one glass of watermelon juice provides you with an instant energy.

Banana Shake is a perfect treat that will provide you with energy as well as helping you to cool down during summer. Banana shake is rich in vitamins, minerals and much needed fats. Banana fruit mixed with milk stays a completed solution to beat laziness and energy loss during this hot weather.

Energy Drinks Will Give You Instant Energy

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