How To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally At Home In Urdu

By | February 24, 2018

It’s said that the prettiest thing you can wear is your smile. Your smile is not all about your shiny white teeth, it’s about your lips as well! We all wish to have soft, pink and luscious lips but somehow it seems like a distant dream. Your lips are more sensitive than you think. Chapped, dry, pigmented lips speak volumes about your health.Your lips deserve some extra care and attention in order to keep them hydrated and restore their natural softness and smoothness. We have a list of a few simple home remedies for naturally pink and soft lips.First, let’s look at what actually causes dry and pigmented lips to get a deeper insight into the issue.Like I mentioned earlier, your lips are more sensitive and delicate than you think. The skin on your lips is thinner when compared to your face. Your lips do not have any sweat glands, so they require special care on a daily basis to keep them moisturized and looking healthy. The main causes for chapped and discolored lips are attributed to the following reasons.An unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking, a bad diet and stress.Dehydration – not drinking enough water.Excessive intake of caffeine.Using expired lip products.Using cheap quality products.Not removing your makeup at night/Anemia.Exposing yourself to the sun and pollution/Now, with our fast-paced lives, it gets hard to keep tab on all these factors and we tend to forget keeping ourselves hydrated enough or wearing a lip balm that contains SPF in it. But it’s important to be mindful to protect our lips and prevent any damage.Let’s get to the action bit now, shall we?Here are some simple DIY remedies for naturally soft and pink lips that you can do in the comfort of your home. Do them religiously, and in time, you will achieve what you desire!

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