How To Use Curd / Yogurt For Skin Whitening / Effective Remedy in Urdu

By | June 11, 2018

Flawless and radiant skin boosts a person’s confidence. As we age, our body undergoes many hormonal changes which lead to pigmentation, acne and dark spots. Apart from it, external factors like sun, environmental toxins and chemicals lead to discoloration in the skin. In order to regain our complexion, we try to depend on quick solutions like skin whitening treatments. These treatments cost a fortune and everybody can’t afford it.

Commercial skin care products also claim to whiten the skin in no time but they often fail in it. The harmful chemicals present in these two ways are not worth trying them. Wondering to lighten your skin without any side effects? Luckily, we have many home remedies to achieve it without costing a fortune and side effects.

The lactic acid present in yogurt moisturizes and nourishes dry skin. Zinc slows down the aging process and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Calcium present in it heals the dry and flaky skin. Vitamin B5 present in it brightens the dull skin and reduces dark spots and acne scars. It contains vitamin B12, which lightens the skin discoloration.

It contains vitamin B2 which encourages new and healthy cell growth. Riboflavin present in it protects skin cells from damage by free radicals. It helps to regulate oil production. The milk astringent properties of yogurt tighten the pores and tissues of skin.  Once you buy a pack of yogurt, it can be easily prepared in our homes. You can also use yogurt cream or Greek yogurt, if you don’t want the mask from getting runny and messy.

How to use Yogurt for Skin Whitening

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