Islamabad became the center of crime and crime

By | April 18, 2018

Despite visibly heightened security in and around the capital in the past few months following a wave of the terror attacks around the country, the number snatching at gunpoint incidents have been rising in the city. According to police records, as many as 25 people were deprived of their valuables, mostly at gunpoint, in different parts of the city during February. This figure, though, was down from January where after the turn of the year a spike in street crimes saw as many as 30 cases of snatching reported.

As has been for other categories of crime in the capital, areas around Sabzi Mandi including Sectors I-10 and I-11 reported the most number of cases with at least six cases reported. However, snatching incidents were not exclusive to these areas with cases reported from across the city. At least two incidents of snatching took place in Sector F-10 Markaz while two were reported in Sector G-10.

Street crime on the rise in Islamabad

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