Money Wealth Lines Palm Reading In Urdu

By | June 28, 2018

Money is a very powerful thing, it builds empires and breaks down kingdoms, it allows for dreams to come true and it takes others away, it makes some people happy and others completely miserable. Today the pursuit of money is almost directly linked to the pursuit of happiness, many will argue that money = happiness. But some of us have it and some of us lack it…read on to know why…Palmistry, or palm reading, is the ancient practice of using the palm of one’s hands to indicate aspects of the owner’s character, as well as to tell their future. This ancient act of soothsaying can be traced back to Eurasia, with roots in India, China and Sumeria, among others.

Among the things that palm reading can inform you about are your health, your emotions, and your financial fate! So let’s explore the money lines in our palm…Some markings and configuration of lines present on your palm are very helpful indicators of your financial fate. Money line is one of the lines present on your palm which demonstrate how your financial fate would be and how can you accumulate the money.

Money line is not only the one line, many lines present on the palm display different potential aspects of wealth.There are four main lines used in palmistry – heart line, head line, fate line, and life line. The money line itself isn’t one of these four major lines, but it may interact with them, indicating an influence from one of these factors.

There isn’t one money line that all people have, but several lines that may potentially exist, each indicating different aspects of your potential wealth (or lack thereof) depending on location.The Money Lines don’t indicate material wealth so much as they influence, in some hands, skill in acquiring cash and how it can be done. Some of the lines associated with money start at the base of the thumb, in the “meatier” part of the palm, and some of you might have your money line in a totally different part of the palm.

Money Wealth Lines Palm Reading In Urdu

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