Never feed chicken meat in the top of your refrigerator In Urdu

By | April 10, 2018

FOOD poisoning symptoms can be increased when chicken is kept in the fridge incorrectly. What is the right way to store it and how long can you keep chicken in the fridge without habouring bacteria? Can milk go in the fridge door? Does cheese go off?Food poisinging can be caused when chicken makes you unwell if stored incorrectly in the fridge.Now, it is claimed, the definitive way to store chicken – along with other food like milk, butter and cheese, has been revealed. Online food retailer has highlighted exactly where you need to be storing food and drink in the fridge.They have also listed the best place in the fridge for wine. So, where should you be storing the foods listed below?Raw meat (including raw poultry and fish) should always be wrapped and sealed tightly, they retailer claims.This is to stop the product dripping onto other foods. All raw meat can be stored together. A great place to store it is in the bottom shelf of the fridge. This is to prevent cross-contamination with the ‘ready to eat’ products.

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