New Typhoid From Pakistan Is On The Verge of Becoming Incurable

By | June 8, 2018

A new type of typhoid, which is highly resistant to drugs and medicinal methods (XDR) is spreading in Pakistan and has already infected more than 850 people according to National Institute of Health, Islamabad. The main problem is that it is expected to soon develop heightened resistance to drugs and might become incurable in the near future.

Bacterial diseases have been cured using antibiotics for ages and over time, bacteria have adapted to conventional remedies and many types have developed heightened resistance to antibiotics. This typhoid epidemic in Pakistan – caused by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi bacteria – is resistant to five types of different antibiotics and is feared to spread overseas as well.

One such incident has already been reported in the UK and experts fear that the disease will spread rapidly causing millions of deaths if scientists don’t come up with a solution within months.  There’s only one known antibiotic capable of curing this typhoid, for now – its called azithromycin. But only one genetic adaptation could make typhoid completely incurable if it develops immunity against azithromycin as well. Dr. Eric Mintz, an epidemiologist from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said,

Similar cases have been reported in other countries in the past and interestingly, it has only been seen in developing countries – like Pakistan – where healthcare services are inadequate and inaccessible for some people. The other countries being Iraq, India, and Bangladesh.

New Typhoid From Pakistan Is On The Verge of Becoming Incurable

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