Pakistani famous Rima Khan’s actress sister in office?

By | April 23, 2018

eema Khan was born in Lahore, the city of lights, with an initial brought-up in Multan, the city of the Saints. This wonder girl of Pakistani film industry received her early education in a leading convent school in Multan. Later her family shifted to Lahore for her higher education. Like any Muslim Family, learning Holy Quran was an integral part of a child’s early education. And, she too, learnt Holy Quran at an early stage. Besides the formal education, she was no stranger to the world of extra-curricular activities since her childhood.

At her school, she participated in many extra-curricular activities with a special interest in the Dramatics. Reema was in athletics too in her school days. However, her indulgence in the extra-curricular activities earned her quite a fame and a name even in those formative years of her life. So strong was the impact of this bright little girl on her school teachers that she is still vividly remembered and adored by them even today.

Pakistani famous Rima Khan's actress sister

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