Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Freckles On Face Permanently In Urdu

By | February 24, 2018

As they say, girls can kill to get flawless skin that actresses and models have. Well, there is no need to kill anybody when home remedies can do the trick for you. If you do not like the freckles on your face, you can easily fade them away at home with natural remedies. Read on to know how!Adding to the woes of acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, freckles are something that most of us just don’t want to deal with. Though there are a few who see freckles as cute and unique, most of us want them gone. Nothing that interferes with our clear skin is ever welcome, isn’t it? You can add freckles to the list of “Please don’t ever come back!”So, what exactly are these freckles? And how can you get rid of them with home remedies? This article goes into all those details. Keep reading!Freckles are tiny brown spots on your skin, usually the size of a tip of a needle or nail. They are seen on facial skin, arms, and shoulders mostly due to over exposure to the sun. This makes them more common among people with fair skin that is sensitive to sun damage.An increase in the production of melanin in certain skin cells causes them to get darker. These appear as dark spots on the skin surface a complete contrast to the color of the rest of the skin. This is very much contrary to the common belief that it is due to the increase in melanocytes (melanin producing cells) in the skin.On exposure to ultraviolet radiation from both natural and tanning lights, the melanocytes increase the production of melanin, and the skin tends to get darker and tanned. This production and deposition happen to provide further protection against the sun rays. Exposure beyond this limit ends with the formation of freckles.

It is believed that the formation of freckles has a strong connection between heredity and sun exposure. It has been observed that those with lighter skin tones, blonde or red hair and light eye colors are more genetically prone to freckles than the rest. But, at the same time, two people with the same sun exposure need not necessarily have the same size of freckles developing on their skin. This proves that heredity plays a key role in the development of freckles on face or any other part of the body.Freckle treatment is invariably what you should keep as a last resort, even if you somehow manage to end up getting them despite taking all the preventive measures. If you wish to get rid of your freckles, then the remedies mentioned below can help you achieve that.Apply this once every day on your freckles. If you are applying it on your entire face, repeat every alternate day.The malic acid in ACV exfoliates the darkened skin cells to reveal lighter skin below your freckles (1).Aloe vera helps in depigmentation of the dark spots and freckles on the skin. It contains aloesin which inhibits the pigmentation process (2).Amla extracts containing ellagic acid and gallic acid were shown to lighten the skin by inhibiting the process of melanin formation (3).Baking soda acts as an exfoliant and removes the dead and darkened skin cells from the surface (4).A useful compound for skin lightening and anti-aging known as gluconolactone is found in the banana peel. You can rub the peel on the entire face for amazing skin firming and tightening effects (5).Eggplants contain vitamins A, B, and E along with other antioxidants that can help to lighten your freckles and keep your skin in prime health (6).

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