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Brain activity appears to continue after people are dead In Urdu

The human brain can continue functioning for more than 10 minutes after the body has died, scientists have discovered.Intensive care doctors reported observing the same kind of brain waves in a patient whose pulse had stopped and whose pupils were unreactive as occurs during deep sleep in healthy people.Researchers had previously thought that brain activity ends before or… Read More »

This Herb that can fight cancer in Urdu

A Chinese herb; an immune system booster, known to stimulate body´s natural production of interferon. It also helps the immune system identify rogue cells. Work with the herb in both cancer and AIDS cases has been encouraging. The MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas conducted research showing that taking Astragalus when having Radiotherapy doubled survival times. Slow active… Read More »

Aik Ghulam and Aqa kareem – Islamic History In Urdu

HAZRAT SYYEDINA ADAM ALAIHISSALAM : also known as ABUL BASHAR (father of humans) the “adam” is of siryani language, according to salabi in hebrew language “adam” means “dust” …according to ibne khaisma,Hazrat Adam alehissalam’s life was about 960 years, imam nowi writes in his book TAHZEEB, it is mentioned in some history books that hazrat adam (alehissalam) has… Read More »