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What did this white woman put in her body that the color of the skin was black?

Martina Big started out as a white woman, and now she’s here … with Maury Povich, explaining why she chose to drastically change her appearance. The plastic-surgery-obsessed Big appeared on Maury, wearing a gigantic “Black Girls Rock” necklace and her best kinky weave. Even as the audience sat dumbfounded and confused, you could tell Maury was thinking, “I should have just… Read More »

Hazrat Bayazid Bastami Say Aik Padri Kay Sawal O Jawab Ka Waqia in urdu

Abū Yazīd Ṭayfūr b. ʿĪsā b. Surūshān al-Bisṭāmī (al-Basṭāmī) (d. 261/874–5 or 234/848–9),[2] commonly known in the Iranian world as Bāyazīd Bisṭāmī (Persian: بایزید بسطامی‎‎), was a Persian[3][4] Sufi, from north-central Iran.[4][5] Known to future Sufis as Sultān-ul-Ārifīn (“King of the Gnostics”), Bastami, who was famous for “the boldness of his expression of the mystic’s complete absorption into… Read More »

135 Kill Selves By Consuming Black Stone In First 3 Months Of This Year in urdu

As many as 135 people including women have killed themselves by consuming black stone generally known as Kaala Pathar (Paraphenylene Diamine) during first three months of the ongoing year (2017) in Multan region.Only on Saturday five people in different districts including 18-year-old Humaira of Shujaabad, Fareed 19, Rehman Colony Multan, Kashif 18, Rehman 19, Muzaffargarh and 27-year-old Saira,… Read More »