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Advice for Pakistani Wife In Urdu

It isn’t often I feel the urge to write a long winded response to a fellow blogger’s work; however, this is one of those instances. Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I mean no disrespect to the author of “13 ‘Do-Nots’ housewives can wave goodbye to in 2014” and “14 ‘Dos’ for die-hard housewives… Read More »

An event of life of Hazrat Hassan Basra In Urdu

Abū Saʿīd b. Abi ’l-Ḥasan Yasār al-Baṣrī, often referred to as Ḥasan of Basra (Arabic: حسن البصري, Ḥasan al-Baṣrī; 642 – 15 October 728) for short, or reverentially as Imam Ḥasan al-Baṣrī in Sunni Islam, was an early Muslim preacher, ascetic, theologian, exegete, scholar, judge, and mystic.[1] Born in Medina in 642,[2] Hasan belonged to the third generation… Read More »

Be careful to avoid fraudulent batteries’ fraud

WARNING! We were recently contacted by the victim of an alleged theft perpetrated by Fifth Element Refiners (ibuywatchbatteries.com). Here is a direct link to the Ripoff Report. We have done business with the victim and his batteries have always been good. Watch Battery Buyers’ staff have been unable to find any legal business in North Carolina registered under… Read More »

Austin Mother Mistook Her Skin Cancer For Hormonal Changes in urdu

A mother who mistook her cancer for hormonal changes during pregnancy has kept a photo diary of her battle against the disease which has left her ‘disfigured’.Bethany Greenway, 39, from Austin, Texas, is celebrating having beaten desmoplastic melanoma – an aggressive, and rare, form of skin cancer.It all started with a dark spot on her forehead that emerged… Read More »

The 16-year-old boy’s constant pain in the stomach, surgery was done…. In Urdu

A 45 year old man with previously known duodenal ulcer disease presents with complaints of persistent vomiting for the past 36 hours. The vomit is clear-looking and acidic in taste. He has no abdominal pain. Prior to the vomiting, he had difficulty with solid foods causing “fullness” in the stomach and he had been taking only liquids for… Read More »