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Treat Dry Hands & Rough Hands, Get Baby Soft Hands, Anti Aging Mask in urdu

Though you can’t control all of those factors, you can do something about two of them: Minimize your sun exposure and don’t smoke.There are several ways to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and even remove them.Retinoids (tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova). Among medical treatments, this is by far the most proven and effective way of bettering signs of aging such… Read More »

How To Get Fair Skin At Home In Urdu

What’s better than getting fairer skin? Getting it naturally. Here we give you 15 beauty tips for fair skin that show you how to get fair skin naturally:Lemon is known to be a superior bleaching agent and scrubbing about half a lemon on your face regularly will help lighten your skin tone. This is one of the simplest… Read More »

How to Look 4 to 6 Years Younger with Baking Soda & Olive Oil In Urdu

Is your skin aging? Are you getting wrinkles and fine lines on your skin? Aging is a common issue, and with the time, your skin starts aging. Your skin starts losing its tightness. Because of the loss of natural elasticity of your skin, you get issues such as age spots and wrinkles. All of these beauty issues are… Read More »

How To Get Instant Skin Whitening In Just 20 Minutes Before Party At Home in urdu

Apply Toothpaste on Your Skin and See Magical Result within 1 Hour in urdu Just 2 Ingredients To Get Extremely Clear & Glowing Skin in urdu Dry skin (xerosis) is a common condition with many causes. Dry skin can be a symptom that indicates a more serious diagnosis. But in most cases, dry skin is caused by environmental… Read More »

How to Make Day and Night Cream For Winter in urdu

During the day time, we are exposed to dust, sun rays, pollution, and sweat as well.Whitening creams do work during the day time, but it will take longer for you to get the desired results. I was more worried about the dark spots from previous acne and skin tan which is why I tried a number of skin whitening night… Read More »

Irregular menstruation Home remedies for periods to come | delayed period in urdu

A vaginal infection or STD, too, may cause leukorrhea, especially if the discharge is yellow or green and accompanied by foul odor. Other factors that contribute to abnormal discharge are unhygienic conditions such as a tampon left too long in the vagina, and conditions like anemia and diabetes. At times, injury or trauma to the vagina can also… Read More »

How to Whiten Your Dark Underarms Permanently In Urdu

Are you scared of raising your hands in public? Are your dark underarms stopping you from flaunting the new sleeveless top from your closet?Being cautious all the time demands sacrificing your freedom!Dark coloration of the skin in your armpits is not a medical condition or some disease. Rather, small mistakes like using chemical-laden hair-removing creams, shaving, using alcohol-based… Read More »

INSTANT Skin Brightening & Skin Whitening & Facial Mask At Home In Urdu

A flawless skin remains only a dream, given our hectic lifestyle. To add to that, many other factors like pollution, harmful UV rays from the sun, stress, and improper diet can damage your skin further and give you an imbalanced skin tone. If this wasn’t enough, many of the cosmetic products available in the market these days contain… Read More »

How To Get Instant Whiten Hands | Hands | Feet | Skin Whitening In Urdu

There are several factors that can cause darker skin on the hands and feet, including dirt, medications, environmental and chemical factors, infections, inflammation, and exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. Several beauty and cosmetics companies make skin lightening treatments, which can often be found in drug stores or pharmacies. However, there are also numerous foods that can be… Read More »

Anti Aging Mask For Tighten Skin In Urdu

Sagging skin on the face and neck happen sfor a variety of reasons. These can include losing a lot of weight, your genetics and just natural aging. A turkey neck or sagging jowls can happen to anyone, but there are a few natural ways to mitigate sagging skin, no matter what the cause.For your skin to look firm… Read More »