Take 2 Eggs And Apply Them On Your Legs And Knees What Does It Cost in urdu

By | June 10, 2018

Whether it is a temporary twitch in the muscle, a sudden resurfacing of an old injury or that post-workout agony – knee pain can bring your life to a standstill, quite literally. The debilitating pain in the biggest joint of the body can either last for some hours or at times for days altogether. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to figure out the underlying cause behind the excruciating pain.
The Causes

There could be many reasons of you going week in your knees and feeling that unbearable pain. Pain has several categories; you could have mild pain through days and suddenly wake up one morning to find it gone. According to experts, in most cases, knee pain could just be a painful aftermath of physical exertion. Those intense workouts, an exhilarating football match or for that matter, the usual age-related wear and tear of muscles, bone-density and tissues – all these may trigger that hard-to-bear knee pain.

According to Dr. Supriya Bali, Internal Medicine, Max Hospitals, there are a few other things that can contribute in triggering knee and joint pains in general. “Knee pain can occur to anyone, from children to the elderly. Some of the most obvious reasons would include lack of Vitamin D, calcium and iron.” Lack of Vitamin D is often responsible for hampering optimum bone health. It is one of the leading medical concerns in India. People, who suffer from it, complain of dull pain in their knees as well as in other joints.

Apart from these, there are also few more points that must be kept in mind if one is experiencing knee pain. Keeping your leg elevated and giving rest to your body is extremely important. Any activity that would result in exerting the joint or the associated muscles should be avoided. You can seek physiotherapy and professional exercises that can prove beneficial in tackling the pain. And for the future, make sure you keep the following in mind to keep your bones and muscles healthy and to avoid the pain from resurfacing.
Take 2 Eggs And Apply Them On Your Legs And Knees What Does It Cost

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