The Best Way to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Counting Calories In Urdu

By | March 22, 2018

249 Weight Loss Foods + the 15 best weight loss foods.Weight loss foods are lower calorie foods that fill you up quicker, keep you satisfied longer while curbing your cravings & killing your appetite for long periods of time so when you eat more weight loss foods…But you’re actually eating MORE FOOD. You’re just eating Less Calories because weight loss foods have a ‘low calorie density’ meaning they pack a small amount of calories in a lot of food (see rule #4 for below more info)Weight loss foods are also ‘highly thermogenic foods’ meaning every time you eat them it increases your metabolism because your body has to burn a lot of fat just to digest them.Weight loss foods keep your blood sugar levels under control so you’ll burn more fat instead of storing fat.Avoid these foods as much as possible, make weight loss foods at least 80% of your diet & although it’s true you can lose weight eating whatever you want…You will find it extremely difficult (as you may already know) to lose weight without counting calories eating these bad foods.It doesn’t matter WHEN you eat because it’s all about HOW MUCH you eat when it comes to weight loss &…Since you’re following Rule 1 by eating mostly weight loss foods you’re going to lose weight faster not eating a lot of calories but.

You may want to eat every 2-to-4 hours and you can combine these 5 rules with intermittent fasting for faster fat loss.Please Note: Rule 2 says “UP TO 4” so it is okay if you have only 1,2 or 3 meals some days as long as you don’t go over 4.Eat at least 1 raw fruit or vegetable with 8 ounces of water so you won’t eat as much (calories) at each meal while still being full & satisfied after your meals and actually…Rule #1 is already preventing you from eating too much. Rule #3 is just extra insurance to guarantee you’ll lose weight super-fast. How Paul lost 75 pounds using rule #3Instead of fruits & veggies + water before meals you can drink 8oz of vegetable juice or V8 instead.Fruit juices don’t count since they are loaded with sugar that increases your appetite and not enough fiber to suppress it.Feel free to eat as much as you like at each meal until you’re 100% satisfied because when you follow Rules 1 & 3…The weight loss foods are going to fill you up and satisfy you quicker on less calories making it extremely difficult to gain weight & ridiculously easy to lose weight because…Weight loss foods are low density foods meaning there’s a tiny bit of calories in a lot of food so you can eat a lot more weight loss foods without gaining weight and you’d be too full anyways before you even get to that point so for example…

The Best Way to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Counting Calories In Urdu

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