The One Mistake Everyone Makes When Cooking Rice In Urdu

By | March 21, 2018

Rice is, without a doubt, the most delicious type of grass to grow in a swamp. That’s not praise to be given lightly. As long as humans have lived in houses, we’ve eaten rice.There are as many types of rice as there are places to grow it, from the familiar, highly processed white rice to whole-grain brown, all the way through red to black wild rices grown in Asia.However, the rise of convenience culture in response to rapidly diminishing supplies of free time mean more and more people reach adulthood without internalizing recipes and cooking techniques. Does that describe you? Welcome, you’re among friends. Allow me to share some mistakes I’ve learned to avoid.Ultimately, much of this advice will boil down to “your technique and tools should depend on what you’re cooking,” but there are a few grains of wisdom to glean when it comes to equipment, most importantly, your choice of pot.A pot with a thick bottom will better retain and distribute heat. Thick bottoms are crucial for boiling rice in the absorption method, where the formation of steam pockets play a key role in cooking.Many advocates of rice-washing claim that industrial byproducts of the milling process (like talc) remain on the finished product. The claim is that pre-washing helps remove excess starch and any undesirable leftovers. Most domestically processed rice is free from talc, but imported strains like basmati may be processed with it.

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