To keep safe from liver and kidney diseases, press the point of the body for a couple of minutes In Urdu

By | March 21, 2018

If you want to be safe from liver and kidney disease, it is the best treatment available in Chinese medicine therapeutic pressure. You have to suppress those places in the body for a few minutes and your problem will be solved.Chinese specialists say that Zu San Li’s point in our body can save hundreds of diseases. Chennai expert Wing Lating says that this place is slightly lower than our assault. Sit on the floor to search for this place. And straighten your fingers on the fingers and folding the legs, this point will be located between your little and the throbbing finger. This place will also get you a little pit and this is the place by which you have liver and kidneys. You can stay safe from the disease. You need to massage this place with your fingers or a rice or wheat grains, practice the same.In this place massage and pressing it for a few minutes will make your liver work better, and the exterior will remove the poisonous substance from ‘bile’. This way your kidneys also work better in the better way of infection. Your metabolism will be sharp and weighted with both of these two tasks. Due to this point your heart will be strong and blood pressure and sugar will remain normal.

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