Top Effective Remedy for Hand and Foot Whitening / Best Remedy in Urdu

By | June 12, 2018

Are you looking for some best hand and foot whitening tips in Urdu? You landed at right place… Our hands and feet have the most sensitive skin but unfortunately, we are not able to cover them all the time while going outside in the sunlight. This is the reason that our hand and feet became dull due to the dust and sunlight. I know it’s very teasing for having the dull skin color while your actual skin color is almost white.

Sure, there are some cosmetics like creams and lotions are already available in the market which can help you in getting the bright skin… But the problem is that those cosmetics are made of chemicals which can make your skin bright for some time then you are going to get the ruff skin again. For solving this problem slowly but permanently and naturally I am going to tell you some working home remedies which you can use at home and make your skin white again.

These remedies are not actually suggested by me but most of the People around the world are already using these remedies and getting the positive results in less time… So you can also get the same results by just applying these natural treatments on your skin for some time.

Gram flour is considered as one of the best hand and foot whitening tips in Urdu available here because it’s a bleaching agent which can help your skin in getting its original color back very soon. Rosewater which is also known as Arq Gulab in Pakistan is also a good product for making your skin bright.

Amazing Home Remedy for Whitening Hands and Feet

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