Whiten fingers and toes & Get smooth and clean fingers and feet

By | September 25, 2018

The coloration and texture of your arms and toes additionally affect your complete splendor. if your face is ideal, but your palms and ft are dark, tough, and cracked, you can’t look ideal. you furthermore may want to take top care of your fingers and toes. within the video under, i’m going to proportion with you an clean recipe to make natural cream at domestic to whiten hands and feet. Make and use this cream, and have honest, soft, brilliant, and smooth palms and feet.

How to Whiten Your darkish palms and toes:

To make a natural cream at home for whitening the dark pores and skin of your palms and ft, here’s a simple recipe. For this, the ingredients you need are:


  • Castor oil, two tbsp
  • Coconut oil, two tbsp
  • Aloe vera gel, two tbsp
  • Vaseline, half spoon
  • Boro Plus or Boroline Cream, one tsp


1.Take a easy glass bowl, and in it, upload two tbsp of castor oil.
2.After this, add tbsp of coconut oil.
3.subsequent, add tbsp of aloe vera gel.
4.After this, upload half spoon of Vaseline.
5.subsequent, upload one tsp of Boro Plus or Boroline cream.
6.Now, mix all of the substances well, and make a clean aggregate.
7.After this, you’ll get the first-rate remedy to whiten arms and feet equipped to be used.

The way to use:

Take the cream, and apply it to your arms at feet at night before snoozing. use it on cracks in heels as nicely. allow it sit overnight, and wash it off in the morning. within a few days, you will get its magical outcomes.

This remedy to whiten palms and feet is the best. it’s miles 100% natural. So, use it and feature fair, gentle and clean arms and feet.

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