Whiten Your Skin Permanently with Chia Face Mask in Urdu

By | June 14, 2018

Chia seeds went from houseplant fad to bonafide superfood in the course of just a few years! Most people know that chia seeds are great for their body, but did you know there are actually many skin benefits of chia seeds too? It’s true: chia seeds are excellent for your skin! When taken internally or applied externally, chai seeds work wonders for your skin!

The protein in chia seeds may not seem high, but it is extremely powerful. The protein in chia seeds helps maintain collagen in the skin. Collagen is made of amino acids from protein, so getting good sources of collagen into your diet is important for great skin, hair and nails.

Chia contains more magnesium than almost all other plant foods except cacao, making it one of the best sources you can consume. It has so many healthy benefits, and in terms of your skin, it’s important for a few reasons. First, magnesium helps regulate your blood sugar, this helps keep your hormones healthy.

Secondly, magnesium ensures your nervous system works properly, which keeps anxiety at bay, also helping to prevent uneven hormone levels that can lead to bad skin. Thirdly, magnesium helps increase your energy, which helps keep your blood flowing, helping to ensure your skin looks radiant, not pale and lifeless.

Get Your Skin Glowing With Chia Seeds

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