Woman Must Read This Post Once Before Dieting In Urdu

By | February 26, 2018

When it comes to weight loss, most experts agree a healthy diet is more effective than exercise. People often work out more and more, desperately hoping they can eat whatever they want. But it’s a balanced diet that makes the real difference with your waistline.That’s why people who successfully lose weight — and keep it off — adopt lifelong, healthy eating habits.“I wish I hadn’t tried all the gimmicks and spent thousands of dollars on fad diets that never worked,” Heather Crockett Oram told TODAY, via email. Oram lost 82 pounds by changing her eating and exercise habits. “I wish someone would have told me it’s not an all-or-nothing type of thing.”Oram and nine other women share what they wished they knew before changing their diets.When people first adopt healthy eating habits, they sometimes think they can never eat a slice of cake or a piece of pizza. Then when they do, they feel like failures. But people who succeed know one mistake isn’t the end of the world.“The times when … my treat day turned into a treat month, I wish I had someone to tell me that it is OK and just get back on track,” Patricia Wilson told TODAY. Wilson lost 100 pounds.“It is OK to fail,” she said via email. “As long as you fail forward — don’t give up, keep pushing through.”LeAnne Manuel thought buying healthy foods cost more money. That was one of her excuses to eat processed and junk foods. But soon after changing her eating habits, she learned she was saving dollars.“We actually spend a lot less now. For one, the amount of ingredients has cut back. I eat about half the volume that I used to eat,” said Manuel, who lost 165 pounds.

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